Today we fly out to NZ.

With a heavy heart I bid my town goodbye.

Hello NZ


The End

Today marks my last day at work. Officially.

Goodbye. Farewell. Today onwards, I’ll be home affairs minister.

Wish me the moon and stars of luck for survival.


Christmas 2014

Time flies when you least want it to speed up.

3 days to Christmas. Unbelievable.

I am definitely in Santa’s naughty list. I haven’t been on my best of behavior so I don’t expect any Ho-Ho-Ho in my house anytime soon.


Merry Christmas 2014 to all. I need truckloads of alcohol to celebrate this year’s event.



I hate it when people asks me “Why are you still here?” or “When are you leaving?” or “How come you are here?”

People please. I know you don’t like me but please leave me ALONE.

If you don’t see me means you don’t see me. No questions asks.


Year End

So we hit December like a massive meteor.

A lot has happened since then I do not know how to describe my journey. Since my last post, I’ve been busy with all sorts.

I can say I’m physically here but mentally elsewhere in godknowswhere on earth.

I’ve literally lost myself in my own thoughts and feelings that I hardly notices my surrounding. Yes, it gets to the point where everything is absolutely ridiculous now. I’ve no interests in anything that I love in the past. Lost touch in the socializing part.

I keep to the circle where I can trust that my little circle don’t judge me. I’m sick and tired of the fact that many a times I have to put up a facade that life is peachy perfect like how it should be. Things that is expected from me, how I should portray myself etc.


I’m done with that. Funny how certain things can change perspective big time.


It’ll take me time to tell this story. Maybe I will. Maybe I won’t. We shall see how things go.

All I can say is … Nothing and no one is perfect. Perfection is overrated.